Building Policy

The purpose of this building policy is to outline minimum standards, rules and regulations for building and additions to the core areas. On Eidolon, we strive to guarantee that the grid is navigable in the web and client environments. As such, we have several conventions that we observe.


For most situations, players will be allowed to have 1 residential room and 1 commercial room per character. +details can be used to describe additional rooms when needed.


All rooms MUST have descriptions. To fit in the average MU* client screen, we ask that they be no more than 17 lines in length.

Exit Names

For each exit, you must indicate the fewest number of letters that will take you through the exit. It should be between 1-3 letters or numbers.

Geography & Orthogonality

The concept of exits containing the cardinal directions N,E,S,W as well as NE,SE,SW,NW. Also, 'up', 'down', 'out' and 'enter' is highly recommended. If to get into a room, you went West <W>, you should go East <E> to get back! If you go Up <UP>, you should be able to go Down <DN>. The majority of exits should be listed in this manner:

Room Names

In general, rooms should be named simply with Building Name unless part of an apartment complex. If it is OOC'ly a building with only 1 room, then a separate room name is not required.

Public Building

Staff provides the main grid. If you help build an area for consideration as a "public" area, be aware that, although we encourage creativity and appreciate additions, all personal rights to the area once connected and accepted as a fully public area are forfeited.

Requesting a Building Project

To get a residence or business of your very own or submit a public space for review, please submit a +request.

Please submit the name of the building you are requesting to be placed in and any other pertinent details at the time of your request for efficient handling by our building staff. Unless there are special circumstances, you will be limited to the number of rooms listed above.

When making a request, please formulate it as 'City - Street / Area - Building Name'. For instance: 'Malik - Avenue of the Bells - The Green Smithy'. Please include a basic desc so we can add it immediately.

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