Character Policy

Alt Policy

Having an alternate character on Eidolon is not only allowed, but encouraged! We ask that players wait two weeks after the approval of one character before applying for a new one and ALL existing alts must have a log on the wiki that has been posted within the calendar month.

After a player has had a chance to play a character for a bit, there are a many advantages to having an alt. Namely, you can pursue multiple storylines at the same time in different places.

For this reason, we encourage players to take characters who will open up new opportunities to RP. We also suggest that new players try a lower powered character at first to get the feel of the theme grid and dynamics before trying more powerful characters.

When creating an alternate character the following items should be considered:

Conflict of Interests. Your characters should not occupy the same niche or — within reason — travel in the same circles. IE having two priest characters, two head of household characters from two noble houses, or a priest and a noble character who both consider the same god/goddess to be their patron. When developing alts it is beneficial to the game and players alike to branch out.

Balance of Power. If you have one highly powerful character, we are going to be less likely to approve a second character of equal or greater power. For unpowered characters, like merchants or a nobleman who is not a head of household or the like, we are obviously not going to ask you to play a street urchin. The more responsible you prove to be with power you already have — adding to the IC environment and driving RP for other players — the more likely it is that staff will trust you with more, and staff reserves the right to use its discretion in granting secondary powerful alts.

Brain Share. Alts should not under any circumstances ''share'' ic knowledge with each other without express permission from staff.

Lastly, there are the following alt limits:

Alt Type No. Permitted Per Player Allowed as First Character Notes
Unpowered Citizen Unlimited Yes Includes merchants, guards, etc.
Religious Order (Non-Priest) Unlimited Yes May not also have priest in that temple, or alts in that temple.
Priest 1 Yes Priest may not have the same patron deity as any held noble alt.
Noble 2 Yes Noble may not have the same patron deity as any priest alt, and nobles may not be from the same family.
Alchemist 1 No Alchemist characters must consent to waive ConDeath if ICly discovered by the priesthood.


Chargen Camping

All players have thirty days to begin developing their characters. After thirty days, if no development has been made for the character, staff reserves the right to nuke the bit. If an email address is set on the character, we may send out a warning to that email address but this is not guaranteed. If you're stuck, please talk to staff! We want to help you get started!

Feature Characters

For the sake of the game's continuing story, there are loose activity requirements for important characters. If a faction leader character goes does not log for a period longer than three months without a post on the vacation board, staff reserves the right to take action. Furthermore, these characters should be posting RP logs to the wiki at LEAST once a month.

While characters written by one player cannot be played by another without the author author's consent, important characters may be stripped of rank and replaced by another character if they remain in violation of activity requirements. Warnings will be given whenever possible by mail, page, or email, but this is not guaranteed.

Any character not included in these categories will be addressed at time of application.

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