The woman known as Sophia was reputedly once the respectable eldest daughter of a mostly-respectable potter in Malik named Amal—a man who frequented the upscale pleasure house of Xanthus Lysandros with great frequency to gamble at the tables there with his wife, Ursula. Sophia tended his shop when her parents were out and cared for her siblings.

Many assumed she'd become the wife of another tradesman when she was old enough.

Instead, she went to work for Xanthus.

How it is that Sophia gave up that respectable life to become one of the fancy girls at the Gilt Peacock — a prostitute — is something that she doesn't talk about, but no one really ever asks anyway.

Recent Events


Sophia is a woman who, more often than not, conserves her words as though they were precious water in the desert. She prefers to keep her own counsel in the pleasure house and is never the one for boisterous behavior.

Rather, she's a creature known for her submissive and obedient spirit as well as her pliability to attend to client's desires. Her lack of arguing and sass makes her a favorite among certain patrons and has earned her a place as one of Xanthus Lysandros's more trusted girls.

If you''re not of one of Master Xanthus's patrons, however, she has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue when the situation warrants it.

RP Hooks

  • Were you a gambler who knew Sophia's father? Does that lout owe you money?
  • Do you just like to gamble at the Gilt Peacock?
  • Are you looking for some paid company?
  • Were you a friend of Sophia's family?
  • Are you part of Sophia's family? Father, mother, and siblings welcome! As are alllll of the cousins.
  • Do you need someone to play errand girl between you and Xanthus Lysandros?


Character Sheet




She once had flowers in her hair...
She once had flowers in her hair…
Eidolon Character Profile
Full Name: Sophia Pottarius
Aliases: None
Occupation: Prostitute
Patron Deity: Amora
Born: 991 A.E.
Place of Birth: Malik
Place of Death: N/A
Affiliations: The Gilt Peacock
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Height: 5'7"
Physique: Lean
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Anais Pouliot
Theme Song: Extraordinary Way by Conjure One
Character Type: PC
Wiki Tag: sophia
Played Since:
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