Chargen Guide

Before You Start, Review…

Restricted, Overused, and Banned Character Types

Character Application

To apply for a character on Eidolon, you will need set your character with the following information in the chargen room in addition to your finger info. Instructions for setting this information on your character bit will be provided there.

It also pays to brainstorm with staff! Part of the reason that we like to brainstorm with players is that we love to give our shinies to our players! What are shinies? They're things that make your character important in their own way. A shiny could be a secret connection or a supernatural object or dirt on another character family. You can only get these things by going through the approval process. However, they must be documented on your sheet or in RP logs to be used in play.

(If you're looking for a TP application it can be found here: )

Required Fields


You will be required to provide the following information upon character creation.

  1. RL Age: Are you over 18?
  2. Email Address: If you have any other alts this should match the address used to register those character.
  3. Agree to Policies: Do you agree to the policies of EidolonMUX

IC Section

  1. Character's Name: Your character's full name.
  2. Character's Age: Your character's age.
  3. Position: Your character's profession or title.
  4. Patron Deity: The god or goddess who your character considers to be their patron deity… or at least the one that they tell the neighbors is their patron deity.
  5. History: History here is the primary part of the app process, but it only needs to be as long as it takes to explain what shaped your character, the skill set you're applying for, and his or her views on the world. We love a good story! It's only visible to staff so don't worry about other players seeing it. We expect to see a minimum of three decently sized paragraphs.
  6. Personality: What makes your character tick? This is set in trait format. Traits that you wish to have visible to staff only can be set private in chargen. min. of 3 traits.
  7. Goals: What goals or aspirations does your character have?
  8. Flaws: What drawbacks affect your character? Also set in trait format, list things that adversely affect your character to help balance him/her. Severe/irrational fears, being hunted by people, limiting personality quirks, etc. flaws that you wish to have visible to staff only can be set private in chargen. min. of 3 flaws.
  9. Skills. What special skills does your character possess or are considered to be something that your character excels at some professions have special skill sets like sailors and mercenaries and weavers and these can be listed here. traits that you wish to have visible to staff only can be set private in chargen. for common skills such as singing or swimming under normal conditions it is safe to assume that a character has an average capability. max. of 5 skills.
  10. Advantages. this is where you explain things that are beneficial to your character like resources connections property titles. max. of 5 advantages.
  11. Supernatural. List any supernatural attributes or objects your character possesses. Not all characters will be granted these items or attributes so please speak to staff prior to applying for them. How your character got these attributes or objects should be included within your background.

Feature Characters (FCs)

Feature Characters are those characters who act as the head of a faction or occupy a very important powerful position within the context of the game such as the chief representative of a temple or guild or magisterial household within the city.

Generally these characters are looked to as examples of theme and should be willing to encourage new players and help foster RP on the grid. Before applying for one of these characters, please speak with staff to verify that you have all of the applicable information at your disposal and the concept is solid.

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