Currency & Bartering

While most of Calliden uses a barter system — trading goods and services to get what they need or pay their taxes — larger villages and cities rely more upon a currency system.

Coin Description Exchange Rate RL Equivalent Circulation Notes
Col Small Copper Coin N/A 1 USD Common Circulation
Delan Large Copper Coin 4 Cols 4 USD Common Circulation
Ersa Small Silver Coin 4 Delan 16 USD Common Circulation
Tallid Large Silver Coin 4 Ersa 64 USD Uncommon Circulation
Qaza Small Gold Coin 7 Talid 448 USD Rare Circulation

Sample Salaries

Position Estimated Annual Income Income Bracket
City Guard 70 Qaza Low
Soldier, Order of the Claw 75 Qaza Low
Veteran Soldier, Order of the Claw Eligible for Pay Increase Every 5 Years of Service, 100 Qaza Max. Low
Priest 150 Qaza Middle
High Priest 800 Qaza Wealthy
Eidai 1,500 Qaza Wealthy

Trade Magnates

The elite of the merchant class and respected pillars of their communities, trade magnates are responsible for managing and upholding the trade within the regions they are assigned. Every trade city is held and led by a member of one of the magnate families. They are allowed to continue operating their businesses but are paid an additional sum of money by the governors and priests who employ their services.

Many magnates delve into making loans and other such investments making a select few of them even more wealthy than the ancient houses. The magnates guild establishes a hierarchy among them and the master of that guild is responsible for answering to and delivering edicts from the sacred council and its provincial governors. They are looked to in order to handle negotiations with other regions, the upkeep of financial and business districts in cities, collection taxes, and settlement of minor disputes between business owners. As such magnates are expected to pay worship to Tet, god of war, for blessings over conflicts and safekeeping over their territories as well as to the Twin Sisters for wisdom into the law and to be viewed by the people as impartial or balanced.

Trade Guilds

Certain professions in Malik — and the rest of Calliden — are considered to be important enough to require guild memberships. Any profession that involves or even potentially involves crystals — from mining to technology to art — requires imperial oversight and there are inspectors specially hired for the task.

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