Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know right away before playing?

  • Eidolon is an original fantasy theme but is constantly expanding, based upon player contributions.
  • Eidolon is not set in an idyllic world. The theme has patriarchal themes, may reward bad IC behavior if it benefits those in power, and has intrigue elements that intentionally keeps certain elements out of the public eye. Players may absolutely choose to have their characters rebel against these elements, or choose to advance by supporting them.

Do I need to like intrigue to enjoy Eidolon?

Nope! You can absolutely just play a normal character who does not engage any intrigue elements and still enjoy the social RP elements of the game. But understand that there are definitely plots that require this leaning to tap into. Usually, it's more than enough to just be IC friends with someone who DOES enjoy that element who can help drag your character along.

I want a magic character! What are my options?

You have two options: play a priest from one of the six temples if you want it to be known your character has magic, or play an alchemist if you want to have it be hidden thing that your character could be hunted for.

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