IC & OOC Etiquette

IC Etiquette

All players are expected to be polite and show common courtesy and common decency to their fellow players, even if ICly that would be out of the question. To that end, we expect the following:

  1. Use the RP channel, pages, or look for Open scenes on the Active Scenes list to seek RP. It is often helpful to phrase requests with an idea in mind such as: I was thinking to have a day-drinking scene in the public square! Is there anyone who'd like to join my character?
  2. If you're a player denying a request to join a scene, sometimes it can go a long way if you just propose a raincheck, suggest an alternate time for a scene with the requesting player. This policy seeks to preserve everyone's enjoyment of the game and promote a happy environment.
  3. Don't write actions that assume success of contact or the actions/reactions of another character. Conversely, remember ICA=ICC (In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences). Don't do something to provoke actions against your character without expecting them to occur.
  4. If a player OOC'ly declines to join combat, witness a criminal act, or be privy to mature content poses, accept that polite refusal and do not make those poses. That might mean taking your RP elsewhere. Often, this situation can be avoided by being clear about a scene's goal in advance.
  5. If you are troubled by another player's behavior, talk to the other player politely and openly with the intent of reaching agreement. If unable to find resolution, please let staff know so we can mediate. We desire for players to interface in a positive environment that fosters fun for everyone.

OOC Etiquette

In general, common courtesy will get you far when dealing with other characters. Please read and consider the following:

Politeness counts.

In most cases, it takes less effort to be polite and generous with your fellow players than it does to be curt, impolite, or unfriendly. When asking something politely of another player, your request is far more likely to be granted. When discussing an issue with a player or staff, politeness could make all the difference between successfully communicating your point and earning yourself the ire of the one to whom you're talking.


Combat is an active part of roleplaying at Eidolon, and we have statted tools as an aid to combat RP. You must determine a mutual desire to role-play combat BEFORE presenting an attacking "pose." Power posing, twinking, etc is absolutely forbidden. (See also: IC Etiquette and Combat)

OOC threats, name-calling, racism, misogyny, and aggression of any sort will not be tolerated. If you are angry with someone, find a way to express it or explain it that doesn't include threats, degrading remarks, or aggressive behavior. If you have a dispute with another character that cannot be handled in a mature fashion, ask for a moderator to intervene. It is also inappropriate to make OOC jokes or threats about rape or sexual assault. When we say that this will not be tolerated, we mean you might get immediately banned for the infraction. Staff is here to help with disputes. Don't hesitate to contact them in these cases.

If someone is harassing you, LOG it or contact staff immediately. (See Also: [[policy:conflict|Conflict Policy]])

Off-Duty Staff

Staffers may set themselves Off-Duty for a variety of reasons. Please respect their status.

You should not page an Off-Duty staffer about tasks without permission, but — if you do — please be respectful if they indicate their off-duty status. If you need to speak to them, even if you need admin help, leave a polite +request. If they want to respond to you at the moment, they will. If they don't, it's not worth taking personally!

Private Areas

It's considered good form to page or @mail a person to ask and wait for an answer before setting a scene in their privately-owned area. Should you wish to conduct private RP, you can do so within a private scene in another location without utilizing their shop or residence.

Public Areas & Establishments

The other side of the coin, of course, is that public places are *public*. It's fine to set a scene a public area (such as an inn) without permission or join an open scene so long as you fit the open scene's requirements. If you're having a private conversation in a public place, be aware that others may enter and please don't ask them to leave. If you need to have a private conversation, take it elsewhere.

Posting Mature Content

Please keep explicit TinySex (TS) out of publicly posted logs (fade to black is your friend), and post warnings if there's mature content (Violence, Language, Sexual Content, etc.).

Language & Character Bias

This is a mature role-playing game. Any and all persons should feel welcome here and to engage in quality role-playing.

Expect to encounter people of all sexual orientations, political beliefs, and education levels. You do not have to RP with people, but you do have to be polite and understanding. Separate OOC behavior of players and the IC behavior of their characters; nasty boys and girls make the RP world go 'round. Don't expect others to conform to your style of speech, and don't expect them to understand or listen to you if you make no effort to talk with them in terms and style they're comfortable with. A little less vulgarity won't kill a scene, but it might make a player more comfortable. A little respect goes a long way.

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