The Oracles of Calliden

Seized by the Sacred Council's guard at the onset of puberty and taken to the capital for training, the young women chosen for service as oracles are sequestered in the Tower of the Gods and not seen until they are ready to begin their lives of public service. As each begins her new life, she serves an older oracle — typically one who has already begun to lose her physical sight and regularly provides consultations in a temple — until fully acclimated.

There is no choice in becoming an oracle. Families either give up their daughter if she is identified by the Temple of Dreams, or she is taken by force. Families rarely see a daughter taken into the order again, but it has been known to happen on occasion. The girl they find is not the same as the one they knew.

Still, after years of having lost daughters, to the Order of the Eye, the people of Calliden widely revere this sacrifice as a bittersweet mark of honor. Outside of the order, no one knows the signs that a girl is marked for life as an oracle, how her gift is trained, nor why older oracles lose their sight as a culmination of their ability, but oracles are expressly forbidden to discuss any of these things under pain of death. Once they acclimate to their new duties, many new oracles are sent to live and serve in the more remote temples of larger trade cities. They obey the demands of the priests they serve, providing consultations for priests and public alike at the priests' behest.

No temple has more than one mature oracle, save in the capital. Chief among the oracles is the Lady of the Veil — fiercely guarded and almost entirely cloistered away in the Oraculum of the Godstower — who is considered part of the Imperatore's household and serves him and the Sacred Council.

OOC Note: Oracles are not available for application, but families may apply to have lost a daughter to the Order of the Eye.


Visions given by oracles while in their trances must be translated and interpreted by the priests, as it is spoken in Oneiri. Many times, the visions are vague and in desperate need of interpretation. For this reason, kidnapping an oracle for her ability — if one can get past the priests and guards who protect her — is almost entirely pointless without a priest to translate. Most oracles, even those older and more experienced, do not remember what is spoken in a consultation. Those who do are forbidden to discuss what they see in the common tongue.

OOC Note: Oracles are not always available for readings. When they are, depending on the nature of the inquiry, expect there to likely be an ooc discussion about what is going on currently in your character's life.

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