Restricted, Banned, & Overused Character Types

This list applies to PC characters only, although some of the guiding principles behind these decisions apply to NPCs, too.

Overused concepts are those that we see often enough on Eidolon that we are discouraging applying for more characters in their vein and will be much more selective in future apps for these types of characters.

Restricted concepts are concepts that aren't banned, but it is very difficult to obtain a character with this concept. Typically, one acquires this character through playing another character for some time or developing an existing character through RP.

Banned concepts are those concepts that staff is explicitly disallowing on the game for the preservation of the theme and health of the MUSH. Anyone who is found to apply for characters and then play the character as one of the banned concepts without staff permission will face reprimands. We're banning these from the get-go for a reason, folks.

This list is not exhaustive, and staff reserves the right to add to this list at its discretion even after an application has been received.

Restricted Character Concepts


Overused Character Concepts

Banned Character Concepts

Oracles (Staff NPCs Only)
Characters Under 18 (NPCs Only)

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