Start-Up Guide

What should I know about EidolonMUX right away before playing?

  • Eidolon is an original fantasy theme but is constantly expanding, based upon player contributions.
  • Eidolon is not set in an idyllic world. The theme has patriarchal themes and will occasionally put the corruptive nature of power on full display, may reward bad IC behavior if it benefits those in power, and has intrigue elements that intentionally keeps certain elements out of the public eye. There are good characters who do bad things for the right reasons, and bad characters who may seem good. Players may absolutely choose to have their characters risk rebellion against elements of theme, or choose to advance by supporting them.
  • Players are encouraged to have their characters plot against each other as much as against NPCs if they feel it is IC, can do so within the rules, and can maintain healthy OOC dialogue and boundaries.
  • Just because the world is not idyllic does not mean characters must engage those elements. Just like in the real world, players may choose to craft for themselves a different playing experience that is more 'slice of life', and enjoy sitting in the tavern and more light-hearted plot fare.
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