Supporting EidolonMUX

Are you having a great time at EidolonMUX and want to do more? THANK YOU! Here are some ways you can help support the community here:

Plot Running & World-Building

Just by playing and pro-actively adding to the IC environment for others, you do a lot!

Be an Ambassador

Word of mouth makes up most of our advertisement efforts. Bringing your friends to come play with you is an excellent way to build in new connections for your character once they're approved! And you get a new venue to play on with your friends! Also, feel free to hop over to our Game Advertisements page to grab an ad to share on other MU*s.

Vote for EidolonMUX

Vote for us on Top Mud Sites to help us advertise! If you know of any other places for us to advertise, let us know! We''ll be grateful for new places to spread the word.


If you enjoy playing on EidolonMUX, please consider making a donation. We do this for the love of the game, but anything you can share to help keep the lights on is always greatly appreciated! You can donate with PayPal directly to our hosting costs here:

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