Cities and large towns through Calliden naturally see greater technological advancements than their rural counterparts. Nowhere is this more true than the capital. While not advanced technology by any stretch of the imagination — robots, computers, and other such things are not even dreamed upon — the inventors flock to these knowledge hubs and build upon each others ideas. Architecture and navigation are still popular topics of study.

It is also common knowledge that the Tower of the Gods and the temples in the capital have working plumbing, but the council and priesthoods refuse to let inventors anywhere near the systems to investigate them.

The further one gets from the capital and other cities, however, the less important technology becomes. Certainly some smaller devices manage to squeak out of the cities, but there is no real push or desire to have it. In fact, some areas to the southwest and northeast have been known to revile technology altogether.

Crystals & Technology

While priests typically take the first pick of the crystals harvested from the mines in the northern provinces, slightly lower grade crystals are perfectly suited to power the technological devices that make living in Calliden a little easier. But, as with all things lovely and convenient, technology is expensive. Whatever purchases a family makes are typically treasured and treated as though they will be handed down. In middle and lower class families, the question of who will inherit the family's devices has frequently been of more concern to heirs than family homes.

Common Devices


Also called a chambermaid this tool is considered to be vital in the larger sprawling estates and homes in the city. It can take ambient light as weak as candlelight and focus it through a chamber lined with a series of angled crystal sheathes, strengthening it enough to easily start other fires. They are kept in black boxes and handled with supreme caution as more than one housefire has been started on account of these helpful little buggers.

Refracting Telescope

Made in both the terrestrial and the far larger celestial varieties, telescopes make viewing distant stretches and celestial bodies possible. While smaller hand-held spyglasses can see no more than a mile or so, larger telescopes can see up to ten. The largest telescopes are those typically possessed by the Celestial Temple for observing the movement of celestial bodies.

Metalworking & Waterborn Steel

Before the Age of the Great Silence, there was a period where metal-working of all sorts flourished. However, the iron mines dried up and the lack of ore — when coupled with the chaos of the period — seemed to shove Calliden back to older technology. Bronze needed serve for generations. However, soon after the Restoration, new mines were opened in the west.

What has developed since is known as waterborn steel, so-called for distinctive patterns akin to flowing water that form upon it's surface. Blades made of waterborn steel are more resistant to shattering and keep their edge longer than other metals making them expensive and highly coveted.

Other Important Technology

Silk worm Cultivation

As silk is a tremendous luxury and a mark of the wealthy and powerful, the secret of silk worm cultivation is kept by a guild of workers. These workers work under the auspices of the Temple of the Sisters, as the moth is considered to be the animal sacred to the twins. Additionally, a measure of all silk produced is required by law to be given to the Eidai and the Temple of Pleasure as a tax of production, paid to keep the right to produce it.

Time Keepers

Sun dials and the shadows of obelisks are by far the most common time keepers in Calliden. nearly every major city has an obelisk set somewhere for the sake of public timekeeping. Wealthier individuals may carry personal sundials that they can point roughly north and get an idea of the hour.

Time is also kept at night by means of elaborate water clocks. While the exact details of the mechanisms may change and accuracy can vary greatly depending on the craftsman who made it, nearly all water clocks operate under the same principle how long it takes water from one reservoir to fill another.

Vision Correctors & Magnifying Glasses

By carefully shaping lenses of glass, artisans can help people see a little better. Unfortunately this technology is not perfect and it is very rare that they can restore vision entirely. They also can only correct vision so far.

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