The Ancient Towers of Calliden

The Compass Towers

The ancient ruins of four towers are built out of the crystal-mottled stone that dominates the cliffs and deep soil and are placed on the continent of Calliden like the points of a compass, one in the north, south, east, and west—either on the coast or in close proximity to it. No one knows who built them or how to get in, but there are unreachable doors and windows on the upper half of the tower. Guarded fiercely day and night by the Council's elite guards, it is illegal to approach, touch, or defile them… The last is a crime punishable by death. In fact, even music near them played by anyone save the Eidai and the priests who serve under them is strictly forbidden.

They are a magnet for the eidola, although the priests leave them be, rather than banishing them. Under the right conditions, one might see up to a dozen of the spirits circling them. Myth speculates that these are the spirits of the men who built them, unable to leave the towers' secrets after their deaths.

The Tower of the Gods

The fifth tower of Calliden, often called the Tower of the Gods (or, more succinctly, the Godstower by the people who live under it) is the largest of all of the ancient towers. Over 900 feet (274 m) tall, the structure is built over the convergence point of three rivers and is the heart of the capital city Malik. The tower is wide enough that no one actually sees the rivers' juncture.

The building is inhabited by the Imperatore, his household, the Lady of the Veil, oracles-in-training, and their servants. It also is the place where the Sacred Council convenes for their meetings and holds their official audiences.

Clouds never pass directly over this fifth tower, even in the midst of storms. This phenomenon is considered to be a sign of the gods' favor.

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